Headlight restoration in Bromley



Fix cloudy headlights with Smart Cosmetics.

Many car headlights will become cloudy or discoloured over the years, often due to the plastic on the inside of the headlight melting or burning slightly over time. I can also remove oxidisation with a mild abrasive that will have your headlights gleaming like new.

Many people try to carry out headlight restoration with toothpaste, and while this is possible, it is highly laborious, and risks damaging the headlight if you aren’t familiar with its assembly. You will probably find it much more efficient to hire a specialist, who has been handling vehicle headlight restoration for years, and can perform the work to a high standard consistently.

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If you vehicle is in need of car body repairs in Bromley, contact Smart Cosmetics on 07917 431428 today. I also carry out a full headlight restoration service.

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